Come dine with us…..

cookbook club display West Swindon

Do you enjoy sampling and sharing new dishes?

Do you like to swap recipes and cooking tips?

Would you like inspiration to try new cuisines and techniques?

Would you like to test drive and review our latest cookery books?

Then why not join our Cookbook Club? We are looking for like-minded people to join our informal group, try out recipes and new cookbooks, taste great food and meet new people in a relaxed way! You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to join in. This is a great opportunity for beginners to challenge themselves and learn from more experienced cooks, and for experienced cooks to show off and share their amazing skills!

Before setting up a group, we are trying to gauge interest and decide where and when best to hold the club or whether an online club would also be welcomed so any feedback or ideas are most welcome.

If you would be interested in joining a group like this, then please contact Rhonda Dempsie, Outreach Officer, Swindon Libraries and Information Service: