Joe and Jenny Recommend: Naruto

narutoFor this review we’ve decided to do one of our most popular manga series in the library (and also in the known universe, it would seem!); Naruto.

The series focuses on the ninja of the same name, who starts off being the most inept member of his class, unable the perform the most basic ninja techniques and spending most of time playing pranks and slacking off. He befriends a senior ninja who tells him about a forbidden scroll that has secret techniques he can use to become the ultimate ninja. However the senior ninja wants to steal the scroll for himself but Naruto uses one of the techniques to vanquish him.  This sparks a chain of events from Naruto joining a ninja team to defending his home village against being destroyed.

Joe’s opinion:  This is one of my favourite manga series, I own a fair few volumes myself and I never get tired of reading them.

The character development from the first few volumes to the later volumes is astounding.  The plot of the series starts off as quite simple but develops into an intricate story that has many twists and turns.

My favourite character is Kiba and his dog Akamaru, who are excellent at hand to hand combat and facing their enemies head on. But with Kiba having a similar personality to Naruto means they usually end up arguing whenever they meet.

Jenny’s opinion: This was a series it took me a little while to warm up to, as I initially wasn’t particularly fond of the main characters, but I’m very glad I stuck with it.

The complexity of the story and the range of characters grow vastly during the progression of the series and you find yourself becoming very attached to characters and caught up in the plotlines.

The series also has a very balanced blend of humour, action and serious moments.

My favourite character would have to be Shikamaru, who bests his enemies using intelligence rather than force in some very spectacular ways.

If you like this manga series we would recommend checking out Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Soul Eater. These all can be found on our library catalogue and reserved for you to borrow if not available at your local library.

We give this series 5/5 ninja stars!

ninja starninja starninja starninja starninja star

joe and jenny

At ReCon 2012, Central Library.

[Jenny and Joe work at the Central Library and they LOVE manga and anime! They are going to share their favourite books and films on the Swindon Libraries blog, so watch this space for more great reviews in coming months!]