Moredon Book Group celebrates 100 meetings!

CakeMoredon and Rodbourne Cheney Library Readers Group have just had their one hundredth meeting!  To mark the occasion of having read one hundred titles over the last eight years a special cake was made for the meeting as the group reflected on some of the titles they had read.   A myriad of authors and genres have been read during the last eight years.  Some books were enjoyed greatly, others…not so much.  However, the good thing about a library book group is that it is free to join and there is no charge for reading the books bar some investment of time.

People have joined the group for various reasons, but there is one common factor; a love of reading and a desire to try new things.  Recently the group have embarked on a “Library Tour”.  Each month features a different genre of library stock.  So far stops have been made at Fantasy, Adventure, Chick Lit, Biography and Local History, with Graphic Novels also making an appearance.  Chick Lit turned out to be a surprise hit which wasn’t expected to be enjoyed but its light and fluffy story made for a pleasant change of reading pace.

Also of note was “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot.  Whilst “enjoyed” is the wrong term to apply to this sort of book, it was a thoroughly fascinating read and lives up to the hype on the cover of being “A fascinating, harrowing, necessary book”.

Not all books were titles the group liked though, with celebrity biographies from the likes of Dawn French, Griff Rhys Jones and Paul O’Grady being disappointing reads.  Their words proved not to be as amusing as their on stage personas.

For the one hundredth meeting there were two books to discuss.  “Haunted Swindon” by Dave Wood and Nicky Sewel, which started strong but petered out as the investigations into possible hauntings all became rather inconclusive.  The second title was “A Century of Swindon” by the Swindon Society, which charted the changes seen in Swindon during the 20th Century.  This was the more popular of the two titles, bringing back memories of growing up in the town.

The group meets on the last Thursday of every month at Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney Library from 6pm until 7pm.  The next meeting will take place on Thursday 28th November where the book to be discussed will be “Appaloosa”, Robert B Parkers book about law, order and justice in the wild west.

Moredon book groupIf you would like any more information about joining the group, please contact Dennis at the library, telephone 01793 618230 or email: