Joe and Jenny recommend: Kiki’s Delivery Service

kiki'sLast month we decided to review the latest Studio Ghibli film but this month we’ve decided to review one of the more classic Ghibli films; Kiki’s Delivery Service.

This film is a slice of life story with a supernatural twist. The story is centered around Kiki, who is a thirteen year old witch in training. And as part of her training she needs to leave home for a year and live independently away from home. Leaving on a broomstick with her sarcastic cat Jiji, they find a seaside town she wants to settle in but things don’t go as well as she hopes. It turns out that Kiki is pretty much useless at most witch skills except for flying. So with the help of a friendly baker, she sets up a special delivery service.

Joe’s Opinion – I wasn’t expecting to like this film as much as I did, but the storyline and the characters are both engaging and  heartfelt. There are brilliant comedy moments as well that lift the story and few bits of drama that make you eager to see what happens next. The ending to the film was a bit sudden but overall the film leaves you smiling. My favourite bit in this film is when was when Kiki had to deliver a toy black cat in a cage for a little boys birthday but lost it on the way in the woods due to some troublesome crows so she gets Jiji to stand in for the toy cat until she can find it. Of course what happens inside the house while she does this is very funny.

Jenny’s Opinion – I felt that while not the most exciting offering from Studio Ghibli, this is definitely a film with charm and a feel-good vibe. I really enjoyed the concept of a world where witches were a normal presence. Some of my favourite scenes in the film were the flying scenes as the animation was superb and really highlighted the motion of the wind when flying. Jiji had to be my favourite character, as his sarcasm and dry comments provided a great comedic contrast to Kiki’s determined optimism.

If you like this animated film check other Studio Ghibli films such as Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke and Howls Moving Castle which you can reserve on the Swindon Libraries catalogue for free and costs just £1.80 to Hire.

black cat

black catblack cat

black cat

We give this film 4/5 black cats!

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Our next entry we will be reviewing the anime series: Fruits Basket.

Fact from Kitty


‘Kitty’ designed by Rosemary Buckley

Did you know…when Kiki was first released in 1998 in English it was in partnership with Walt Disney and was the very first Ghilbli film to be co-released with DIsney.

Kiki in the English version is voiced by Kirsten Dunst, who would have only been around 15 at the time!

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