Michael’s story

It is always lovely to have feedback from our customers but we were particularly glad to hear this story about one of our younger readers. Michael has always loved looking at books and having books read to him, but had not been well enough to visit the library since June 2013! Thankfully Michael is doing really well now, and we all love the picture his mother was kind enough to share with us! We look forward to lots of future visits!

michael reading

Sunday 5th January 2014: Michael enjoying his first visit to the library since June 2013.

Michael’s story:
“My 2 year old son Michael was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in January 2012 and spent much of the year in hospital in Swindon, Bristol and Oxford. In June he went to Bristol Children’s Hospital for a bone marrow transplant.
He had chemotherapy prior to transplant which wiped out his immune system and he was due to spend 8 weeks in isolation on the BMT unit. Everything was going well following transplant until the middle of July when he became critically ill with two deadly viruses: he was oxygen dependant for 6 weeks.
The fantastic doctors gave the right medication and made all the right decisions and Michael fought hard and he started to improve. We left Bristol Children’s Hospital at the end of October. Michael remained in hospital with complications at the Great Western until the beginning of December. We were discharged on the 5th December after nearly 6 months in hospital.
I am so thankful to be able to share this photo of Michael enjoying the books on his first visit to the Library since his transplant. Taken 1 month after discharge on Sunday 5th January 2014. He had a lovely afternoon gathering books, reading and hearing stories and interacting with other children. As he continues to improve we will be attending the story and rhyme time and enjoying many more visits to Swindon library.”
Ms F Dundee