Author Spotlight: Kate Maryon

Kate Maryon

Kate Maryon at Highworth Library, June 2013.

We are delighted to have the very talented Kate Maryon talking to selected groups of Swindon school children on Friday 7th February. Kate is a truly inspiring author, whose books focus on the real-life issues that affect young people today. She has been compared to Jacqueline Wilson in style and writes in a way that really engages readers. Through her books, she explores the issues that concern young people today like secrets and lies, bullying, the impact of war on families, and success and failure. Her latest book ‘Invisible Girl’ explores teenage homelessness and the breakdown of family life.

For those unable to attend, we’ve put together a little taster of Kate’s books, which really are well worth reading ~ if you haven’t done so before! You can find out more about Kate on her website, and check our catalogue to find books to borrow from us!

My hope for my books, talks and writing workshops is that they help children who are facing overwhelming difficulty, with little or no support, to feel less alone in their troubles. I hope they offer comfort and a toolkit to help them navigate their way through life, and to know how and when to ask for help. I want them to know that the dramas going on around them aren’t their fault that they’re not responsible for their parents or their parent’s problems. I hope to inspire in them to choose their own path in life, to find their true voice and know that they can create the life they want.  (excerpt from Kate’s blog for National Libraries Day)

invisible girlInvisible Girl: Gabriella Midwinter used to have a home. She wasn’t invisible back then… “What’s strange is that the day it actually happened, everything seemed so normal.” Caught between arguing parents and moving house, twelve-year-old Gabriella somehow slips through the cracks. Now she’s more alone than ever before. The city streets are no place for young girls but they’re all she’s got.
Unless she can find her brother Beckett.
Unless she can find her home.


shineShine: Twelve-year-old Tiff loves her mum, Carla, who is glitzy and fun and always coming home with shiny new amazing stuff. The trouble is, Tiff’s mum doesn’t buy things, she takes them. The fact is, Tiff’s mum is a thief…When Carla gets caught, Tiff’s shiny life is ruined. She’s packed off to a remote island to live with Carla’s family. How can she survive in this dull, dull place? But the island of Sark isn’t as awful as Tiff imagined it would be. The islanders are kind and honest and she’s happy spending time with them. So three months later, when it’s finally time for her mum to join her, Tiff can’t help feeling more than a little bit worried…


glitterGlitter: Liberty’s family is super-rich but when her dad loses his job, she has to learn that not all that glitters is gold…Liberty Parfitt is sure there’s more to life than getting good exam results and earning lots of money. Unfortunately her super-rich, workaholic dad doesn’t agree – he thinks Liberty’s passion for music is a total waste of time. But when Dad loses his job and falls into a deep depression, Liberty’s talent may be the one thing that can save him.

a million angelsA Million Angels: “We talk about everything, Dad and me. About all the mysteries inside of us. About all our wonderings of the world. But tomorrow my dad goes to war. Then what will I do?” Jemima’s dad’s in the Army and he’s off to Afghanistan again for six whole months. Her mum’s about to have another baby and hasn’t got the energy to worry about anything else.
Gran is staying to help out, but her head is filled with her own wartime memories. So while Mima is sending Dad millions of guardian angels every night to keep him safe, who is looking out for her?


A Sea of Stars: Two girls with two very different lives come together in this beautiful and moving story of friendship and family. Meet Maya. She has a cosy, comfy life with her slightly hippy mum and dad by the sea in Cornwall. But as an only child, Maya feels smothered by her parents’ love and longs to be a given more freedom and independence; but what Maya wants more than anything is a sister.
Meet Cat. She’s never known her dad and her mum’s an alcoholic and is not capable of looking after herself, let alone her 11 year old daughter. Cat’s spent her life protecting her mum and keeping some dark secrets; all she wants is to be left alone.
But Cat and Maya’s worlds collide when Cat is taken into care and Maya’s parents make the life-changing decision to adopt her. Maya can’t wait to welcome Cat into the family and hopes that by having a sister, her parents might learn to ‘chill out’ and give Maya a bit more freedom. But Cat is angry and resentful and resists Maya’s attempts at friendship and soon Maya’s idea of a perfect family is blown out of the water…