Six Book Challenge 2014

martina coleIf you’re thinking about improving your reading or would like to read more, then the Six Book Challenge is for you!

Martina Cole, the acknowledged queen of crime drama, is the official ambassador of the  Six Book Challenge 2014, The Reading Agency’s annual reading challenge. She will be meeting Six Book Challenge participants at events around the UK in 2014 and all completers will receive a certificate signed by her.:

Martina says: “I really wanted to become an ambassador for The Reading Agency because reading is such a big part of my life. The wonderful thing about the Six Book Challenge is that people who don’t normally read, or who think that reading isn’t their bag, are encouraged to pick up a book. When you read a book you have to picture it all in your own mind. No one tells you what you’re seeing or what you should be feeling. That’s the secret of reading – it’s such a personal thing.” (Quote from Reading Agency)

Participants are invited to pick six reads of their choice and complete a reading diary in order to receive incentives along the way and a certificate.

As well as books you can choose newspapers or even magazines to read!

Completers have the chance to enter a national prize draw to win a trip to London or Kobo e-readers. There will also be a local prize draw for completers with a chance to win book tokens along with an award ceremony at the Central library in July.

Ninety per cent of respondents in a recent survey said that they were more confident about reading after taking part in the Six Book Challenge.

The Challenge for 2014 starts in January and runs until Monday 23rd June.

Participants can also share their reading choices with other participants at the Six Book Challenge website.

How to Register

You can register to take part at any Swindon Library or at the libraries of Swindon College or New College if you are a student there from January 2014. It is also FREE!
Get Involved!

Helpful Tools

Six Book Challenge – The Six Book Challenge website.

First Choice Books – A database for new readers to help you choose which book to read.  You can search for books on sport, humour, romance or crime. Other readers have already rated the books for you.

Quick Reads – are stocked across all of our libraries and are the same as mainstream books in every respect but are simply shorter and easier to tackle for adults who are less confident in their reading skills.

Also continuing to give their valued support to the Six Book Challenge are bestselling authors and previous ambassadors Andy McNab and Adele Parks.

Andy McNab, ex SAS soldier says: ‘I’m a perfect example of how reading became so important in my life and really changed my life because when I was 17 I’d never read a book.’ (Quote from Reading Agency)

If you want to get your college, workplace or other organisation involved in 2014’s challenge as a partner to Swindon Libraries, please contact Leon Flower on 01793 463238 or e-mail: