Pedal Folk: In Search of Spring and Edward Thomas

EDPedalFriday 30th May 2014 – 7.15pm
Central Library – 2nd Floor Reading Room
Tickets £5 (£3 under-18s) available from Ground Floor Help Desk at Central Library.

During Easter 1913, poet and writer Edward Thomas set off on a cycle ride of personal
self-discovery across Southern England, hoping to reconnect with the countryside he felt he had become disconnected from. This journey was published in 1914 in his book
In Pursuit of Spring. Edward Thomas was to die tragically just a few years later on the battlefields of World War One.

Pedal Folk have researched, arranged and will be performing the folk songs mentioned in The Pursuit of Spring as well as tunes from the areas that Edward Thomas travelled on his journey over 100 years ago. They will also be composing new works, setting Edward’s words to traditional folk melodies as well as composing some of their own songs.

This will be an evening of superb musicianship from Robin Grey, Katie Stone Lonergan and Tim Graham as well as a timely celebration of the work of Edward Thomas.

For further information contact Colin Curtis (Central Library Events Officer) on 01793 463782 or email