Joe and Jenny Recommend: Blue Exorcist

This week we are reviewing the popular ongoing series Blue Exorcist.

The story centres blueexorcistaround Rin Okumura along with his twin brother Yukio who have been orphaned and left to be raised by a priest called Father Shiro. After Rin is attacked by some demons, Father Shiro reveals to him that he is the illegitimate son of Satan and gives him a special Koma sword that will unleash his demonic powers when wielded. After Father Shiro is possessed by Satan, forcing Rin to kill him, Rin vows to enter the True Cross Academy for Exorcists to find a way to defeat his demonic father. On entering the Academy, he discovers that his brother Yukio is already an Exorcist and what’s more he is a teacher!

Joe’s opinion: What first grabbed my attention when I first saw this series is the artwork. It is very sleek and stylish, with the right mix of realism and fantasy to make the characters and their surroundings very engaging. When I started to actually read the manga I got sucked in even further with the storyline and the development of the characters (which surprise you time to time with not having typical traits of shonen characters). My favourite character is Mephisto who is the head master of the True Cross Academy. He doesn’t look or act how would think a head master would normally be, which makes you think he is very friendly (but a bit strange) and has Rin’s and Yukio’s best interests at heart but some parts of the story suggest there might be more of a sinister side to him too.

Jenny’s Opinion: I agree with Joe that the most gripping aspect of this series at first glance is the artwork, which manages to capture incredible detail whilst simultaneously being very bold and punchy. The supernatural element is depicted beautifully without being delicate, with the fantasy being more sinister than ethereal. The storyline is fast paced without being rushed, it drags you into the action immediately but gives you very developed and likeable characters along the way. My favourite character would have to be Yukio, Rin’s twin brother, who turns out to have been an Exorcist without Rin’s knowledge since a young age and provides a thoughtful, stabilising contrast to the more passionate and reckless Rin.

We give this series 5 out of 5 demon flames!


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Next month we will be reviewing the current hit series; Attack on Titan!

know it owls

The “Know-It-Owls” designed by Colin Pedley


Know-how from the Owls;

Did you know…that spirits and demons are a large part of Japanese folklore and culture, and are strongly connected to the most common religions; Shinto and Buddhism. There are many different categories of spirits and they can range from being malevolent to mischievous to helpful.

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