Swindon Libraries’ Volunteering Stars

Two very special people, Pam Baker & Glenise Gough, were awarded a special certificate of appreciation from Voluntary Action Swindon.  Pam & Glenise have been volunteering for the Home Library Service for 25 years & in recognition of their dedication, Justin Tomlinson MP presented them with their certificate.

Swindon Home Library Service is co-ordinated by the Royal Voluntary Service. It is for people who are unable to get to the library for mobility reasons, or who can get to the library but cannot carry the home library volunteersbooks, and who have no-one to do that for them. Our volunteers go out in pairs and take books from their local library to those people in their homes. Most of our customers are housebound, some are completely reliant on other people for any social interaction at all, and some are confined to bed with reading being the only activity they can do, making their books a priority.

Pam & Glenise have each been volunteering with the Home Library Service, taking books into people’s homes, for 25 years. They have seen a lot of home library customers come and go in that time, during which they’ve been the friendly face of the local community to many, many people. When they deliver books, they stay and chat and provide an understanding, friendly, face-to-face service, helping to combat loneliness and isolation. The social contact they give is as much valued by our home library customers as the delivery of the library books themselves. Pam & Glenise are Swindon Home Library’s longest standing volunteers; the time, commitment and loyalty they have given has been enduring and outstanding, and they are completely deserving of the recognition they received.