DVDs on order for July/August

The following DVDS and Blu-ray films are on order and will be coming to Swindon Libraries during July and August! Check our catalogue for availability.

Fastfilm DVDs

Man Of Tai Chi (also on Blu-ray)   Scheduled release date: 7th July

Absentia   Scheduled release date: 7th July
Darkness Descends   Scheduled release date:7th July
Escape From Planet Earth 2d/3d    Scheduled release date:14th July
Starred up (also on Blu-ray)    Scheduled release date:14th July
Under the skin    Scheduled release date:14th July
Gimme shelter    Scheduled release date:14th July
Washington Snipers        Scheduled release date:14th July
Bunnyman Resurrection    Scheduled release date:14th July
Venom    Scheduled release date:14th July
Lego movie (also on Blu-ray)    Scheduled release date:21st July

Need for speed (also on Blu-ray)    Scheduled release date:21st July
Employer   Scheduled release date: 21st July
Day of the flowers    Scheduled release date:21st July
Tiger’s tail    Scheduled release date:21st July
You are not alone    Scheduled release date:21st July
Noah    (also on Blu-ray) Scheduled release date:28th July
About last night    Scheduled release date:28th July
Long way down    Scheduled release date:28th July

Ironclad 2 – battle for blood       Scheduled release date: 28th July
Dragon        Scheduled release date:28th July
Mischief night    Scheduled release date:28th July
Sxtape    Scheduled release date:28th July
Muppets most wanted (also on Blu-ray)    Scheduled release date:4th August
Rio 2    (also on Blu-ray) Scheduled release date:4th August                                                Labor Day  Scheduled release date 4th August                                                           Legend of hercules   Scheduled release date: 4th August
The double    Scheduled release date:4th August

Falling Skies – Season 3    Scheduled release date:7th July
Nashville – Complete Series 1 & 2    Scheduled release date:7th July
Utopia – Complete Series 1 & 2        Scheduled release date:7th July
To Hell and Back    

Children’s DVD
Jungle Safari        Scheduled release date:7th JULY
Little Rascals Save The Day    Scheduled release date:7th July
Thomas & Friends – Complete Series 15        Scheduled release date:7th July
Dragon Ball – Complete Series 2        Scheduled release date:7th July
Transformers Prime Series 2 – Orion Pax    Scheduled release date:7th July
Dinosaur Train – Under The Sea    Scheduled release date:14th July
Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (UV)    Scheduled release date:21st July
Shaun The Sheep – Shear Heat    Scheduled release date:21st July
SpongeBob SquarePants – Bikini Bottom Buddies    Scheduled release date:21st July
Wolverine: Weapon X – V3: Tomorrow Dies Today    Scheduled release date:28th July
My Little Pony Equestria Girls    Scheduled release date:28th July