Joe and Jenny Recommend: Attack on Titan

This week we are reviewing the apocalyptic manga; Attack on Titan!

attackontitanThe storyline of this manga is set in a world where humanity has had to hide itself from massive man-eating humanoids called Titans. Nobody knows why the Titans are trying to destroy humanity but nevertheless humanity is still struggling to survive, protected by giant walls.

The story centres around three friends; Eren, Mikasa and Armin who through their own personal traumas as a result of the Titans, join the fight against them. During their training, they begin to stumble across secrets regarding the Titans and start to try and unravel the mysteries surrounding them.

Joe’s Opinion: This is one of my favourite new series that I have been reading. The storyline is very intense and this set off with the rough, scribble like drawing of the manga makes you think that the manga artist was that caught up the world of the titans he had to get it on the page as quickly as he could. This does not detract from the skill of the illustrations and the raw emotion you can see on the characters faces. If you take anything away from this blog entry at all, it should be this : Read This Manga Series!

Jenny’s Opinion: This series is becoming very well known very quickly for a reason; it’s just that brilliant. It is by far one of the most fast paced series I’ve ever read whilst still having a very intellectual plot-line. The artwork is gorgeously detailed and rendered in quick, near sloppy lines which gives it a great sense of urgency and really suits the battle scenes, most of which take place aerially due to the Titans scale. This is not a story for the faint-hearted, it’s a dark setting and the story is accordingly full of desperation and disturbing scenes. However, this is warmly juxtaposed by the bonds between the characters and the humour that sometimes results from the friendships. My favourite character would have to be Armin, who uses intelligence rather than fighting skill and despite not being naturally brave always pushes through his fear to help his friends.

We give this series 5 out of 5 potatos! (Why potatos? Read the series and you’ll get the joke!)









If you like this series, we recommend Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note which you can reserve for free through the Swindon Libraries catalogue.

Next month we will be reviewing: The Story of Sainkoku!


‘Kitty’ – designed by Rosemary Buckley


Kitty’s Corner:  Did you know….that in Greek Myth, Titans were giant deities who represented chaotic natural forces, who were eventually defeated by Zeus and the Olympian gods. Apart from their size, they bear very little physical resemblance to the Titans of Attack on Titan!

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