Charlie at Andy’s Animal Encounters!

Charlie with snakeAndy’s Animal Encounters – Upper Stratton Library – 4th August 2014

“Today I went to see Andy’s Animal Encounters at the library. Andy rescues reptiles and gives them a new home. I felt really excited because I had never really had the chance to see and handle reptiles before.

When I got there, there were already lots of people in the library. Andy was in the corner and he was getting snakes out and handing them to people. To start with, Andy handed out all the little snakes which were mostly corn snakes and I had mine wrapped around my neck. It felt quite light as it was only small but he was moving around a lot and eventually unwrapped around my neck and I had to hold him in my hands and he was slithering around a lot!

Charlie with corn snakeThen I got to handle a larger corn snake, then somebody gave me the Garter snake. He was a bit bigger than the Corn snake and eventually he wrapped himself around me like a belt and he had quite a tight grip.

Charlie with snakeI then asked Andy if I could move onto a bigger snake and he gave me a female Boa Constrictor and she was 6 ½ stone!  I hung her around my neck but after about 5 minutes she had wrapped around my leg and her tail went into my pocket! It was quite hard to get it out since she was really strong and about then I couldn’t take any more (my arm had gone numb!) and I  gave her to someone else! Andy had some shed snake skins out on the display table so I had a look at those and then went home. I had a really great time it was wonderful to have a look at these reptiles up close.”

By Charlie Maddison  

Andys Animal Encounters reptiles