Home Library Service

Would you like Swindon Home Library Service to deliver library books, CDs or DVDs to your home once every three weeks?

Swindon Home Library Service is for people who cannot get to their local library, due to mobility or other health issues or who cannot carry books and have no-one who can do this for them. The service can be used by those recovering from a long illness or from a hospital stay, as well those who have a longer term requirement. All urban areas of the Borough of Swindon are covered by the service.

Swindon Home Library Service is free and there are no fines. We have space for people who wish to receive the service.

This service is run by the Royal Voluntary Service (previously the WRVS), in partnership with Swindon Borough Council, using volunteers from your local community who choose books CDs or DVDs and bring them to you in your home. The books can be large print or ordinary print. We have shorter books for adult readers who cannot hold heavier books or who do not want to read longer books. We also have audio books on CD or cassette, you only need to provide your own player.

If you or someone else you know is interested in receiving library books, CDs or DVDs through the Home Library service or if you have any questions, please contact Cathy Martyn, Swindon Home Library Service Co-ordinator, on 01793 465495, or email: home.library@swindon.gov.uk.

Would you volunteer to share your love of books with people who can’t get to their local library due to health/ mobility reasons?
Swindon Home Library Service needs additional volunteers to help deliver library books, music CDs and DVDs to local people who cannot get to the library for health or mobility reasons.

The service runs out of 11 libraries across Swindon. If you are happy to drive for the Service, you would be able to claim your out of pocket mileage expenses. The Royal Voluntary Service has an agreement with most vehicle insurers which means you should not be charged any additional premium for using your car to deliver books for the service.

If you would be interested in volunteering with us, please contact Cathy Martyn, Swindon Home Library Service Co-ordinator on 465495 or email: home.library@swindon.gov.uk for further information.