Read through the decades and win prizes this winter with the South West Reading Passport.

Pick up your South West Reading Passport 2016:Book to the Future from your local library.

Your Reading Passport journeys through the decades to explore defining authors of the past 100 years. It features books written and set in bygone years, celebrates current literary heroes and looks forward to future talent.                                            reading-passport-2016-poster-version-2-page-0

Your Reading Passport is easy to use. Visit your local library and for every book you complete from each decade ask library staff to stamp your Passport.

Everyone presenting a full Passport will be given the opportunity to win a suitcase full of books in a prize draw taking part across the South West.

When you have finished your 10 reads all you need to do is bring your completed Passport to show to library staff who will photocopy the back page and take your name and borrower number to be entered into the prize draw.

There’s also a prize draw just for those completing their journey through Swindon Libraries! Take part with us and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a bag full of books and other goodies representative of the decades of the last century.

You have until the end of March 2017 to complete your journey…

You can find more information and inspiration for reads from and set in the different decades at

Where will your Passport take you?


Here’s a picture of our local Swindon Prize. Can you spot the decades each book or item relates to?