Reflecting on the life and writings of Hermann Hesse

hesse-portrait7.15pm 9th February 2017
Central Library SN1 1QG

The novelist, poet and artist Hermann Hesse is primarily known for his themes of an individual’s search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality as explored in his best known-works Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game.

Born in Calw, South Germany in 1877, Hesse was by nature a wanderer. As a young man he travelled widely, including trips to India where the spiritual culture and landscapes affected him deeply. In his mid-30’s Hesse moved and lived in Switzerland until the end of his life in 1962. During that time his books were banned by Nazi Germany and by the 1950’s his reputation as a writer had waned. However after his death his books became popular again in the mid-1960s and beyond, striking a chord with the so-called ‘counterculture generation’ and their quest for enlightenment.

Hermann Hesse was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

From researched material by Thomas Blake, Colin Wilkins and Sally Lovejoy reflect on the life and writings of this unique writer.

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