Second VIP book club meeting at West Swindon Library

Swindon Libraries have started a second Visually Impaired Reading Group.

Swindon Libraries have been running a successful VIP readers’ group (for visually impaired) since summer 2012. Approximately 9 people meet monthly at Central Library for book discussion and a chat over a cup of tea or coffee. Readers decide on titles and the Calibre Library ( lends multiple copies of MP3 disks that are distributed a month in advance.

Members of the (VIP) book club are avid readers. The mix of titles discussed over the years is wide and ranging from The Kite Runner by K. Hosseini, through J. Austen, R. Tressell’s The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists to The Hunger Games by S. Collins to name a few.

The monthly sessions are also a good opportunity to talk about sight and other interesting topics that the group wishes to share.

The Central Library group runs on the second Tuesday of the month and starts at 11:00am.

Swindon Libraries have launched a second Reading Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired which will meet on the second Tuesday of every month at West Swindon Library from 16:45 – 17:45. We will be using books in an audio format to enable anyone to participate regardless of the nature of their visual impairment.

Please come and join us! We are a friendly bunch!

We have some boom boxes (small MP3 players) available for people to borrow if they do not already have one, as we will be issuing participants with their reading on a USB stick in the main, though it is possible for us to source titles on  CDs.

To find out more please contact Rhonda Dempsie at the Central Library on: 01793 463795, or email: