Story-times at the Central Library

We’re having to change how we run story-times at the Central Library…


Unicorn BookOur aims in running a story-time are:

  • to create a fun and engaging environment to help with a child’s language development, physical development and listening skills
  • to encourage parents to feel comfortable to share stories and rhymes at home
  • to offer a safe place to families


It’s great that so many of you want to join us for our sessions but we feel that, due to such high numbers, we are currently not able to offer you or your child the attention you deserve.

This is particularly the case with those that arrive late and are unable to find a space close enough to fully engage with our story experience.

We are also concerned with the volume of people and buggies within the children’s area.  Should we need to evacuate the building for any reason, it would be difficult to do so in a controlled and safe way.

From Tuesday 27th March access to the Children’s Library will be closed at 11am when storytime starts and will not reopen until 11.30am.  Any late arrivals will unfortunately not be able to participate in that day’s session.

This is a trial and it may be that this still creates issues in which case the matter will be reviewed and other options will be explored.

These story sessions are important to all of us and we thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we work through how we can help you get the most out of them.

We do run Story-times at other libraries too so you may enjoy it more at a quieter one!

To find out where else they run see  here.


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