Reading Groups

Reading Groups are often seen to be an arena solely for bookworms who only leave the comfort of their favourite seat, blanket and coffee cup to relive the emotional turmoil they have been through with others who have turned the same pages.

Whilst this can sometimes be true (this is usually the staff to be honest), joining a reading group offers many lifelong benefits to everyone:

  • Reading anything expands your horizons.  A development of vocabulary and knowledge is increased when reading, this is more so when you are part of a book group.  Discussing a subject and listening to other points of view offers alternative perspectives and enhances your understanding.
  • It’s common to become a “fixed reader” who is settled in a particular genre.  A reading group encourages you to try different types of books which you may never have considered.
  • A reading group promotes confidence and wellbeing.  It can be daunting speaking in a group for the first time however these are held in an informal setting and there are no right/wrong answers.  The discussions are based upon your own opinion and every voice is valued.  The more comfortable you feel within the group, the more confident you will become in speaking out.
  • A reading group promotes learning.  Whether reading about a particular country, culture or historical period in a novel, facts are usually woven into the plot to offer a better understanding of such areas.
  • If you are a thinking of putting pen to paper and writing your own novel, reading groups are a perfect place to discuss ideas and provide motivation – as well as feedback!

If you are interested in joining a group, find out more here.