Be a Part of our Fabulous New Art Installation!

Something amazing is about to happen at the Central Library!spread wings

Hundreds of beautiful butterflies will swarm over the inside of the Central Library and you can create some to add to this permanent art installation…

You are invited to come to add your creative talent to this work of art in your library and leave your mark for all to see.and fly

The final piece will be unveiled at the Swindon Festival of Literature’s launch on the 17th March at midday in the courtyard of the Central Library.

You will be guided by the artists Gordon and Toni Dickinson of No Added Sugar and poet Hilda Sheehan so just bring your creativity, your friends and your family and be part of something fantastic.

Come and join in for FREE (no sign-up needed) butterfly arton;

Monday 7th March from 10am to 1pm

Thursday 10th March from 12-4pm

Saturday 12th March 11am-2:30pm

Find us on the Ground Floor of the Central Library…



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